It was back in 2015 when I started planning to established CADCO with the goal of “becoming the world’s No.1!” I had been researching world’s best buildings, roads and Architecture stories ever since my school days and I made this the focus of the company. This was how CADCO started, a company comprised of just 1 engineer, 1 planer, 1 investor, 1 executer.
At first, we have no Capital, not even our own office. Our only assets is our determination to be the world’s No.1, and our proprietary, original technology. We are literally starting with no material assets. But we firmly believed that we could lead our industry if we could make products that had features and performance unlike those of our competitors.
We will follow this up with a series of inimitable products that are either the first of their kind, or the smallest of their kind, in the world. As we strive to become the “world’s No.1 General Construction contractor”, the entire CADCO Group will join forces to meet the needs and expectation of our nationwide customers.

We ask for your continued cooperation and good faith in a quest that is sure to benefit us all